New Research Paper posted

A new paper has been added to the site. You can find it just to the right or click here

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Upcoming Quarterly Meeting – Wednesday August 19, 2009

Our Quarterly stated meeting will be next Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 7:30 pm at:

Gateway Lodge
500 East Imperial Highway
Brea, CA 92821-5564

The topic of the evening will be, How are we, as Masons, relevant in these changing times? And who are we going to be relevant to–our members, other lodges, and/or our communities. Worshipful Bob McNamara will lead the discussion using an article published by Ed Halpaus, the education officer of the Minnesota Grand Lodge. The article was published in his “More Light” weekly release on July 27, 2009, #235 entitled:

Delivered by Dr. Gary D. Colby Union Station, Washington, DC May 29, 1995

If you would like to check out other articles by brother Halpaus, you can find him at

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Quarterly Meeting Recap and New Research Papers

We had a well-attended stated meeting on May 20th, 2009. Worshipful Bob McNamara sat in the east and opened and closed the lodge in due form. We handled our normal business and welcomed our newest member into the lodge. After closing, we retired to the dining room to enjoy pie, cupcakes and coffee. Worshipful Richard Mullard presented his paper on the Mayo Brothers which was followed by open discussion.

You will find a link to Brother Mullard’s paper on the right or you can click here

We have also included a research paper written by brother Burton N. Brin, P.M. which originally appeared in the OC Research Lodge Newsletter in February, 1997. This is an extremely well written account of the life of John Wycliffe who was responsible for the first English translation of the Book of Holy Writings. You will find a link to this paper on the right or simply click here

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